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Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay

Sunday, 25 Aug

£8.60 - £12.60

playARK is back! with our summer dates now released! 

You are a Secret Agent. 

The greatest secret agents in the country will meet in Cardiff Bay. They must use their secret agent abilities to intercept a potential trade of dangerous materials. 

25th August CARDIFF BAY. 


You have been activated. Your country needs you once again.

We are gathering the best of the best to intercept the trade of deadly materials. We need to understand who the enemy is and use your unique skills to intercept this trade before it is too late.

I must inform you that this is the deadliest mission yet. You will need to work with other agents. You will need to sneak and deceive. Decode and decipher. You will be in close proximity of deadly materials and you will only have a narrow window of time to complete your mission. 

More information will follow. Sign up if you are mission ready.


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Wales Millennium Centre

Bute Place

Cardiff Bay

CF10 5AL


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